Direct Mail Marketing

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Targeted messaging is more effective with less waste.

Direct mail is a highly effective means of communicating specifically with a very qualified target audience. Tabco can help you do business with smart and compelling direct mail. Our production facilities allow us to accurately image, address, fold, insert, seal, tab, stamp and mail thousands of pieces per day so that your message is delivered on target and on time.

Direct Mail Campaigns
• postage savings
• variable imaging
• mail list acquisition
• complete mail services
• statement processing

If you are trying to track the results of your marketing efforts (click here now to get help from top marketing services), it can be difficult to do that with mailers. Yes, you can offer a coupon and then track how many people redeem that coupon. However, that isn’t foolproof, since people might need services or products outside of the coupon but still be converted by your mailer.

SEO is much easier to track. Using programs like Google Analytics and Google Search Console, you can track how many visitors came to your website (look into these great examples to learn how to design perfect websites) from a search, what they did on your site after, and even get an idea of what keywords they were searching for. While no tracking is perfect, it’s much easier to track SEO to measure your results and buy backlinks to improve your business.

Overall, marketing efforts work together of course doing a market study is always useful for this and you can use a sample size calculator to have more exact data too. Often, people will receive a mailer in the mail and then pull out their computer and search for the company. In an ideal world, you will utilize multiple marketing methods. If you have to choose just one though, hopefully this guide helps. You can also check out ecombabe prices if you want strategies that can increase customer loyalty and win repeat customers for your small business. And if you do not have experience in handling expenses and accounts, it’s time to consider Acclime’s professional accounting and business services.


Variable Data Printing allows you to be more personal with your target audience and has proven to be better at gaining your customers attention.

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