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Promotional Products are an effective way to increase awareness, generate goodwill and improve sales leads. The true value of promotional products lies in their ability to carry a message to a well defined audience and provide repeat exposure at no extra cost.


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Promotional products can be a valueable asset to an organizations branding and communication program. Tabco can provide custom products to compliment important events such as awards programs, public affair campaigns, holiday parties as well as everyday items such as pens or mugs.

Studies show that more people recall an advertiser when it is positioned on a promotional product than in a newspaper or magazine. Take a refrigerator magnet for example, the average person visits the refrigerator over 10 times per day. Can you imagine having your marketing message get that kind of exposure for one low cost? It is possible. In one year, the average family of four can be exposed to your logo and marketing message over 14,000 times.




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